IVR Issues with DTMF & Extensions

Hi. I am running FreePBX and Asterisk 11.5.0 on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. Things have been working pretty well for 4-5 months now. My incoming trunks are 7 POTS analog phone lines coming into a Digium PCI Express card in the back of my server.

I’ve got an IVR answering the incoming calls, and presenting the user with options like:

  • Press 1 for Technical Support
  • Press 2 for Sales
  • Press 3 for Billing Questions
  • Or remain on the line for a receptionist

I’ve also checked the option to let users dial an extension at any time - and this might be part of the problem. Most of my extensions are in the 100’s. I.e. 100, 101, 102, 103, etc.

My issue from day 1 has been that dialers into the system press “1” and it would not take them to support. Instead, they would get the default invalid selection message, and after the 3rd attempt, they would end up with our receptionist - who then had to forward the call to a tech support queue. So to help with that, I just set invalid retries to 0, and set the support queue as our invalid destination. So now, we have calls for sales and billing sometimes hitting tech support.

When I first set this all up, I tested direct dialing an extension, but that no longer seems to work. As SOON as I press 1 I go to tech support, even though I am dialing extension 102 for example.

When I dial in usually the IVR seems to detect my selections. However, I have confirmed that using others cell phones, that this is not always the case. It is a 50/50 chance of the IVR detecting the correct tone.

What can I do here? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.