IVR Issue After Restore from Backup

Hello all!
We recently lost the dedicated box we were running FreePBX on due to a freak surge through our cable modem (long story).

I setup FreePBX again on a Hyper-V VM running on a server 2008 R2 server and restored the backup there. All seems to well…except incoming calls. Instead of going to our IVR they are ringing the ring group (one of the options on the IVR). It’s a strange ordeal. I tried resetting the IVR (saving and applying) but that didn’t help.

Any advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated !

It looks like I figured it out! For some reason the System Recordings did not carry over with the “Full Backup.” Luckily I had them saved in a file and was able to reupload them and modify the Announcements and IVR accordingly. Hopefully this helps some one in the future!

Yes, this is an issue. I didn’t have the prompts. :frowning:

I lost a very big IVR because if this. Not a happy guy.