IVR i dongle huawei e169

Hello, I have a problem with the IVR, the huawei e169 modem is installed, the network fan, the problem does not work. It starts when I call the huawei. I recorded my voice note, I created a virtual number and when I call it, the voice note works. The problem is when I call the number which is placed in the huawei donglu

[2022-05-16 18:12:22] WARNING[9268][C-0000000a] file.c: File custom/CENTRALKA does not exist in any format

36446[2022-05-16 18:12:22] WARNING[9268][C-0000000a] file.c: Unable to open custom/CENTRALKA (format (slin)): No such file or directory

36447[2022-05-16 18:12:22] WARNING[9268][C-0000000a] pbx_builtins.c: ast_streamfile failed on Dongle/dongle0-0100000006 for custom/CENTRALKA

That file is something you had to configure. What is the full path name to the file that you intended to play?

Also a warning. Mobile phone dongles and DTMF do not mix well, as a number of people have recently discovered. Mobile networks aren’t designed to be able to send DTMF to the mobile.

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