Ivr help needed

Hello I got my ivr created and everything is the way I am wanting there are 2 things how ever that I can’t get to work. the first thing is to play transfering to … eg me or my home based business. I recorded the recordings in system recordings went in to anouncements and set the option to play the anouncement set that to extentions and set it to the extention I want the anouncement to play after when some one eg 2 how ever when I press for instance 2 it doesn’t play the anouncement it goes straight to the extention 100 instead of playing the anouncement first then ringing the extention. the second thing I am trying to do is have music on hold play to the caller instead of them hearing the ring sound how do I set this up? eg when the caller presses 2 it says transfering to … then splays music on hold until I answer.
sorry if this doesn’t make sense let me know if I need to clairify stuff. thanks for any help you can give. Hank

In addition to what SkykingOH stated, if you want to have the caller hear hold music rather than ringing, you can have the announcement point to a ring group which in turn points to the desired extension. From there, you have the option of playing hold music instead of ringing within the ring group configuration.

The IVR option needs to point to the announcement then the announcement point to the extension.

It’s that simple.