Ivr files

Hi guys, just a quickie.

I’ve been looking for the file created when I add an IVR (Digital Receptionist) to FreePBX.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the files please?

Using FreePBX fully up to date.

which file? the audio that is recorded? the IVR scripting files? Please be a bit more specific.

sorry, don’t need access to the audio files (at least not anticipating to), it’s the scripting file(s) - the one the gui adds the ‘increase options’ to

Open /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf and search for IVR. That will give you a start.


extensions_additional.conf is the dial plan portion that hold the IVR code, harymonster2000 is looking for the PHP gui code portion which will not be in the dial plan.

Hi Robert, may thanks for your input. Having looked at extensions_additional.conf, there is a warning to only use the gui for editing, so unless someone from the FreePBX project says otherwise I’m keeping my fingers out.

OK, lets see if I can explain a bit more, part of what I’m doing for a project is the creation of an ivr system to encompass all the Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) codes for the UK with a possibility to add other countries in the future.

For those unfamiliar with what STD codes are, they are the regional telephone codes for the UK and there are 600 of them and using the gui to add them is a bit slow (guess I’m a bit impatient).

What I’m hoping to be able to do is to open the file and simply copy and paste the code and make changes as necessary.

Of course, what I want to do might not be possible but I felt the need to ask.

Adding things into the conf files and expecting it to just show up in the GUI will not work as FreePBX stores all changed into the MySQL databases and reads from those to show you want is configured. When you click on the orange bar it reads the database and generates the files.

You are correct you do not want to exit that file in any way shape or form as it’s regenerated each and every time.

But if you want to enhance the IVR and not have those enhancements visable via the GUI take a look at the include call for that IVR and add the code into the extensions_custom.conf section.

IF your IVR happens to be called ivr2 in the extensions_additional.conf file, then you’d create a context [ivr-2-custom] and put your codes there. Tehy will not be touched going forward but be available to ivr2

Hi fskrotzki, many thanks for your input and clarifications.

You’ve confirmed what I suspected about dipping into the code direct.

I think I’ll need to be a bit more patient and do this via the gui as there will need to be many routing/destination updates needed during the first six months of this. Additionally, it needs to be accessible in case someone else has to get involved with the maintenance.

Thanks again to all.