IVR Failing

hi all

system is running PBXinabox with upgrades to 2.5

everything was working fine until today, when out of the blue the IVR no longer functions to external callers

dial my number up pops my message press 1 for this 2 for that, but no matter what a press nothing happens and it eventually times out.

internally if i dial 7777 ivr works as it should.

i’ve tried it externally from at least 8 phones + had customers call me (on my mobile) to say it wasn’t working.

any ideas ???

i’m at a loss, done a complete reboot restored from the last backup.

but nothing works

I have had a similar problem, but in my case there was something causing a loop (not sure if I have actually resolved that yet) and the load/cpu would shoot up (ie load around 2.5/3). Rebooting or restarting asterisk would resolve the problem until the loop happened again. I don’t know if this is your problem as well, but it might be worth checking into (watch /var/log/asterisk/full and watching your system load). If it is, posting some log snippets might help someone in here be able to help out.

Newbie_From_Hell, you didn’t provide any information on what type of trunk you are using which s critical to answering this.

But I’ll take a stab at it and assume that it is SIP. If that is the case first off call your provider and ask them what they changed as many of them do that from time to time without notice. The issue with DTMF detection is it can be one of several settings, inband, auto, rfc2833, etc. and it has to match what they are set to.

If you search the forums (for DTMF) you’ll see it happens to many people and what you need to change it to will very depending on the provider.