IVR Directory Lookup

The default voice recording for the directory lookup accessed through the IVR tells the caller to enter the first 3 letters of the employee’s last name. However, the lookup actually searches by first name, which is confusing for the customers that call us. Is there a way to get it to search by last name?

Under the hood I think it uses the Asterisk Directory() application, and there are several options available.

asterisk*CLI> core show application Directory

…which you can play around with from FreePBX via Misc Applications, Misc Destinations, custom contexts, /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf file edits, etc. Once you find what you like, then you can modify /etc/asterisk/extensions_override_freepbx.conf file to seal the deal.

Hi penguinpbx,

I actually figured out what the issue was. In the IVR, the destination for the directory was listed as “Phonebook Directory,” which searches by the first 3 letters of the full name field. I changed it to the Directory module, and now it searches by last name. Thank you for your help!

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