IVR direct dial extensions over IAX?

I have a site with two FreePBX phone systems connected via. IAX. All works fine, can dial/transfer extensions across sites etc but…

How would I get things working so if someone direct dialed an extension during an IVR it would call that remote extension over IAX?

On the machine with the IVR, you could set up misc-extensions for the extensions on the remote machine with routing instructions (IAX2/etc…).

Basically, you want to let Asterisk know that the call has a local destination, even if it’s remote.

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I created a misc extension with the extension # of the phone on the other pbx (351) and in the IVR made digits pressed 351 goto the misc destination 351. It worked. Thanks! Got a lot of work to do (62 remote extensions) but it’s a viable solution!

I already had the outbound routes for 3xx to route over the IAX (so desk phones could dial the 3xx extensions) and this solves the issue of having “direct dial” when someone enters someone’s extension of the remote PBX when dialing the local PBX during the IVR recording.


The better way is to use the company directory which is what controls the direct dial options in a IVR and you can add all your remote extensions as custom entries in the company direct that way callers can also use the directory to look up extensions.

hello. Trying to understand a bit better the idea of using a “company directory”. I have a similar scenario as above that has two sties connected through a VPN. can dial the remote extensions on each site with no problem using a peer to peer sip trunk. I would like to use an IVR on the main “base PBX” that would then allow a direct dial of an extension on the “remote PBX”. i.e.: remote PBX has extensions 3XXX and in the IVR that is hosted on the “BASE PBX” an incoming call would press 3XXX and the call would route through the SIP trunk from the “BASE PBX” incoming route to the “Remote PBX extension” or “Remote PBX IVR”. Using FREE PBX 14 across both PBX’s and using SIP trunks. Would you be so kind as to elaborate a bit more on Company Directory or if you have a bit of a guideline as to proper editing. Thanks. Paul

I have teh very same scenario - two FreePBX machines interconnected by SIP trunk.
Everything works exept the IVR. On the MainPBX (where IVR is installed) everything works. everybody can dial the IVR (by uwsing the misk application extension). On the SecondPBX - everybody can dial numbers from the secondPBX number set and from the MainPBX number set, BUT cannot dial the IVR. Did you find a sollution about this problem?