IVR dial plan is not being generated in extensions_additional.conf

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(Nick) #1

I have configured an IVR and Directory for calling. It was working properly before a few days ago.

Now it’s not working with newly created extensions. I have checked and found that the systems are writting a IVR-related dial plan in extensions_additional.conf file. Also found old extensions dial plan for IVR. Some

how it’s not being generating for a new one.

(Itzik) #2

Did you try to apply config?

Also, what is that security error?

(Nick) #3

Yes, I do apply config but still it’s not working.

That’s just related to some packages think.

(Itzik) #4

Please provide a call trace from a failed call via pastebin. See instructions: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/SUP/Providing+Great+Debug#ProvidingGreatDebug-AsteriskLogs-PartII