Ivr cuts in in the middle of phone call

what happens its that while someone its on an outside call and when this call last for about 5 to 6 minutes the ivr cuts in and starts playing now i have not seen any thing like this in the forums or google could it be related to my ata its a cisco 8800 pretty much like every other linksys ata if it is can you point me to ehere i can find help… i dont know what else to do

I too am having this problem and I am using the Cisco SPA8800 voice gateway as well. Has anyone found a solution yet?

Have you guys been able to solve this on your end? I have a very similar issue with a new SPA8800. Everything works pretty good but on outbound calls, maybe 10-15 mins long, the IVR will cut into the existing call. Any help will be greatly appreciated.