IVR custom programing pbx


I programming my ivr on pbx, i call from internal to ext 5000 and the IVR aswer me.
How i configure to all incoming call from outside go to this IVR that i program? i create a virtual extension 5000 to set incoming call to this exten but dosnt work.

How i do?

Hi Josef,

I think what you are trying to do is set your IVR as destination for incoming calls, Right?

What you have to do is:
Go to Connectivity > inbound routes > Then select or add an inboundroute.The last setting on the general page is set destination, select ‘IVR’ in the first colum and in the second colum select your IVR

yes, is that, but how to define my programming ivr? this “my IVR” will no go to a loop?

i have no create any IVR because on set destination i dont know where must to go

yes, is that, but how to define my programming ivr? this “my IVR” will no go to a loop?

Not in my case, when I add this the call goes to the IVR, then the IVR handle the call.
To be shure you have to test this.

you create “my ivr?” or where u got this?

If you need help with making an IVR or any other inboundroute i advise you to watch the video’s of Chris Sherwood on Youtube (crosstalk solutions) he made easy video’s for installing FreePBX.

See his playlist on Youtube

Watch video 12 and 13.

It helped me a lot in the beginning!

i will see the videos…
but now i understand what u say and no is that what i looking for. because i did my custom IVR on a file, where read variables from another source etc. so, i dont want IVR on GUI manage the ivr. i want the incoming call go yo my file.

you got?


Yes, I got this.

It is weird that is doesn’t work with the custom extension. maybe you can find in the asterisk logs where it is going wrong?

when i create a extension, with number 5000, and set destination to ext 5000, drop the call because there is no connected.

i must config on a virtual extension?

Why do you need this virtual extension?

i dont really know, just an idea. if u know please tell me haha

Just point the inbound route to the IVR.

but how? i programming my IVR, from internall i call 5000 and i interact whith my IVR but from incomming call how i redirect?

How did you setup 5000 to go to your IVR?

Did you setup your IVR through the GUI?

no on GUI, on a file. this is my problem.
just like exten => 5000,s,1 etc.

I’m confused. You wrote the entire IVR in the conf file? Or you use the Applications > IVR to create an IVR?

Can you show us screenshots of the 5000 and the IVR?

ok, when i started programming i did on extesion.conf in context from-internal

then i call 5000 and i interact with ivr. (i know i bad idea open to the world like said there)
how i configure my inbound call go to this IVR. internally are working.

sorry if i dont explain right

Are you using FreePBX?

There are better ways to do this using Custom Destination, but to use what you’ve done, create Misc Destination pointed to 5000.