IVR Configuration

Hi All,

Im new to freepbx , can any one explain me about IVR in detail?

and also the basic configuration in freepbx 13?

It would be great help…


Check out this video: https://youtu.be/YXNTlA3kPWI

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If you have not already, I highly recommend you watch all the videos. Its all the basics of how to work with the phone system and get yourself going.

After you get done with your research, a few non-obvious suggestions:

  • Record your announcements for your IVR before you try to set it up in the phone system. Getting the recording right is a lot harder than fussing with the IVR options.
  • Understand all of the ways people can interact with an IVR and test after you are done. Keys like “*” and “#” can cause you all sorts of weird gried.
  • Stay flexible. You may need to bend to the IVR rather than the IVR doing what you think you want to do.
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