IVR Configuration with multiple messages


I’m testing FreePBX and have issues with the IVR, I am trying to have a main recording that can change depending of the date/hour and right after have another IVR that plays.

it looks like this: welcome to… (main message, allows to dial extension) - If you know the… (2nd IVR)

I tried to put a timeout of 0 retries and timeout even changing to 1 second, the system sends a message telling there wasn’t any valid response (or something like this, working with the French version) even if the timeout message is at None.

I have put the timeout destination to the 2nd IVR but never reaches it.

Guess I have something wrong in my config but can’t figure it out.

Set timeout to 0 then set timeout recording and timeout retry recording to none

move everything to 0 or none.
After 10 seconds, I received an automated prompt telling me that there was no valid answer

forgot the timeout recording, just changed it.
same thing

Can you post a screenshot? Also did you apply config?

and Yes I did apply config

It should work now as expected, one thing you can try is to disable force strict dial timeout also you can try setting timeout to 1

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