IVR configuration, not saving options

Hi! I´m configurating the IVR with the freepbx. My freepbx is not saving the options I am seting. I select an option and mark it with the bullet, for example “terminate Call: hangup”, the bullet is set for this option, but when I press save button, the page reloads with no option set (without any bullets)

I´m using freepbx, IVR, and Asterisk

Are you “submitting” then “Applying configuration changes”?

Yes, but the problem is before submitting the changes. I mark an option with a bullet, press save button and the page reloads without the bullet or any configuration I made.

I also tried to confgure some options, then press save button and aplly the changes, but when I reload de page, the options are no there ider.

I had the same problem. It is kind of a bad design in the user interface.

For each option, you have to fill in a number in the box below “return to IVR”. It isn’t marked with any label, so it is easy to miss. For example, for your first option, you might fill in “0”, to mean that this option will be followed if user enters “0”.

If you leave it blank, then the option values are not saved.

Thanks Steve!!!

Now it works fine. I´m a little ashame, that the solution was so stupid, but I don´t remember that this was mention in any tutorial or howto I read.