IVR: Audio Cutting Out, Dialed Digits Missed

Hello -

We’re using FreePBX 2.10. Often, when callers call in and hear our IVR, the audio cuts out (dead air) for 1-2 second intervals; also, dialed digits for the IVR system are missed and need to be re-entered. We have the same issue when users are checking voicemail - essentially any recording played from FreePBX. While on the phone, we have no quality issues at all - any idea of where to look on this one?

Thank you!

What type of trunks are you using? If SIP you could try a different DTMF mode.

It’s definitely not the DTMF signaling - outbound calls work 100%. I know the IVR menu navigation is related to the audio cutting out…it’s like the FreePBX system gets lagged and can’t respond fast enough (although resources are just fine).

Sounds like some sort of timing issue. Are you running Asterisk on physical hardware or a Virtual Machine?

Virtual Machine

I believe we have a related issue: Calling is fine, but when an incoming call is entering the privacy managers message, the message gets cut off randomly, leaving the caller in the blank. This also happens if a caller enters the voicemail and freepbx plays an audio message. I can’t see any strange things in the logs. I’m wondering if it could it be the Virtual Machine.

@jer0886 did you solve this one already?

Never solved…we started moving our phones to a new FreePBX distro that seems to work fine. I’m chalking it up to a bug somewhere…