IVR announcement playing but no sound

Hi all.

Out of curiosity. Is this what I called “hiccup” pretty normal. Sometime when I call my DID number for test, the IVR picked up and play the announcement the way I set it up. However sometime I don’t hear anything even though, I know Freepbx play the outgoing message base on the log I monitor via this command.

asterisk -Rvvv

This also happens when I dial in the number, the IVR picked up, I hung up in the middle and I called again, and it happens again. Can’t hear the announcement even though it’s executing.

Second issue is, then it’s not sending the email vm when this happened.

Is this normal? and if not, is it fixable? Please advise? Many thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Check the codecs you are using, you may be able to hear something internally vs externally because you don’t have your codecs set up correctly.
G729, G711 etc.
Read logs to see the error which will point you in the right direction.

get no errors. freepbx thinks that the file is playing just fine. but only silence. and its not just ivr or custom messages. built in messages also do not work. phone calls work perfect. ivr functions as it should. but even *43 is silent