IVR announcement audio may skip few seconds for callers

Hi guys,

I never noticed this until client told me this.

I have an IVR with announcement coming from an audio file. When someone calls us it may skip first few seconds and say instead of “Thank you for calling ABC company, for support press #1”, it then may say “………………….company, for support press #1

Is this file format, settings, or codecs issue?

System is 15.0.24 with latest OS and module updates.


Had anyone encountered this in your systems?



If there are no other issues, then the quick solution is to put a few seconds of silence ahead of the initial IVR greeting. There are stock files for doing this which you can reference in system recordings:

Selecting force answer on the inbound route fixed this for me.

I put this setting on one inbound, let me test it more, I will update.

Ok thanks. Do I have to put another IVR or announcement in front for this to work?
Can this be a bug?

My setup only has once IVR announcement. Without that setting, the beginning was skipped.

So far it doesn’t skip, but it was random before too.

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