IVR and Ring Group Hangs up

Ok so for the life of me I cannot figure out why, but if I Set Destination to an IVR or a ring group the calls go through but Asterisk hangs up after like 10 seconds. If I set Destination to a specific extension it works fine. At first I blamed the inbound route but right now I am totally lost as to why its doing this.

This also appears to be specific to 1 trunk. Other trunks do not display this behavior. So, whats different about this trunk? Well it has both incoming and outgoing configured. Its set up based on exactly what the provider recommended. When I look at the asterisk console, I see the call come in normally, I choose and extension, it rings, I get connected and after almost 10 seconds I see what you would normally see if the calling party hung up.

I have played around with different settings in the trunk but nothing seems to work.
So here is my question, or questions. Should I not have both the incoming and outgoing in the same trunk? Why would this only work if I Set the destination to a specific extension.

Any suggestions, Hints, Advise, Prayers, Jokes??

Sorry our magic ball it currently down.

You started by staing the problem and narrowing it down to a trunk but then didn’t go into any details that would give us a clue to helping you.

Please provide versions of things, what is this trunk (isdn, sip, zap, iax, etc), details about it, etc.

Otherwise you’ll get mad because we are not addressing the issue which we can’t because of the lack of details and without them most people will just skip to something they can help with.