Ivr and queue cdr log with each callerid


I have an ivr that will route to another ivr and also with queue. All of them has each different callerid set for some reason. How can I log all call routing to the cdr with the corresponding CID? The call that arrived to the first ivr must log both the call and callerid to the cdr and also with the next one with the different callerid. Currently i can only see the last part with the callerid under it. Please advise. Thanks in advance!


If you are trying to do it in the GUI, maybe try the Set CallerID module?


Hi, yes i did that already and like i said the last call route with callerid is the only one can be seen in cdr.

Show us. We can’t help you without showing us what you’re doing.

Maybe put what you want in the callerID name field when you use the set caller ID module? I think you will see the caller id name field in the CDR.

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