IVR and Fax Problems

I am not a linux expert but i managed through reading to install FreePbx and get it working with the basic features, i have the following:
1- Machine with Centos 5.4
2- Free PBX running version
3- FXO Gateway welltech 3804

I created an IVR and i read that if i want to test it i should dial 7777 but when i dial that nothing happened, i need to know what extension should i dial to use it for hotline with the FXO, i need also to test the system fax how can i make sure it is working?

Thanks in advance.

create a misc application feature code that points to your IVR to test it and dial that number. Testing you fax depends on what you mean by testing it. Create a route for your fax configured how you want it (detection, no detection but directly to fax, etc) and send yourself a fax from somewhere…

Dear Philippe
thank you very much for your help, i got the IVR to work, but i didn’t yet try the fax, my problem now is that when i call from the PSTN the gateway send the call using hotline to the IVR extension if i try to hangup from the PSTN the Asterisk doesn’t hangup the call until the time out is finished and if i use the t option in the ivr to transfer to operator the asterisk keeps the line open although i hanged up the PSTN call, i made sure that my voice gateway understand the disconnect tone but it seems that Asterisk doesn’t. any help?

Does your telco send a disconnect signal on your analogue trunks ? If it does and your gateway recognises it you will have to set up your asterisk box to recognise it as well. Some gateways - SPA400 - just pass through what they get from the telco then you adjust your trunk settings to suit. some gateways are more trouble than they are worth.

Thank you for your reply, my gateways does recognize the disconnect signal because if using it with no hotline mode and using their internal ivr they hangup up once i close the call form PSTN, so how can i adjust the trunk settings to understand the disconnect signal?

are you using the correct settings for your country ?

I have adjusted the Disconnect tone settings for the FXO to 450 Hz, on for .25 s and 0 Hz off for .25 s with volume 8, this is the disconnect tone settings for Egypt if any one needs it,

my problem now which i am trying to solve that the FXO can detect the CallerID but the Asterisk only passes the trunk name, any ideas?