IVR and DIDs - probably something really simple to fix

I recently setup my first AsteriskNOW v11 system with a Sangoma A101de ISDN card. I wanted to create a digital receptionist style menu. However whenever someone dials in on a DID they also hear the menu rather than skipping it and going straight to the extension. What have a done wrong?

Have you added an in-bound route for each DID that you want to connect to a specific extension? If not, the DIDs will use the default in-bound route which is likely the one with the IVR.

Yes each DID has it’s own inbound route which points to extension of the expected recipient.

The ISDN card is set to (any DID/any CID) at the moment, should it be tied down to 1 number?

I don’t believe so. Any in-bound call that doesn’t have an in-bound route defined matching a DID will use the default in-coming route. I have the same card and a similar setup to yours and it’s working as expected. Are you sure the Telco is sending the entire DID number and not just the last four digits? When we turn-up up our PRI we had to specify 10 digit or 4 digit.

I’ve just managed to figure it out. I was specifying the whole telephone number including area code in the DID number field. Taking the area code off and they go through to the right extension without IVR kicking in.

Glad you got it figured out . Sounds like your Telco is sending you seven digits for DID numbers. Mine is sending the ten and I’m specifying the ten digit value in the DID number field.