IVR Activation

Iam using Free PBX,
i have more than 50 VDNs(VECTOR DIRECTORY NUMBER’s)
. iam manually activating and deactivating IVR(Interactive Voice Response) by selecting each and every VDN individually.
For everyday its getting difficult to activate and decativate by selecting each and every VDN individually.
now my question is
Is there any option to activate and deactivate the IVR for all vdn’s at once ?

In Advanced Settings, turn on Hook Time Conditions for the Call Flow Control Module.

Route each VDN to a separate Time Condition that has no Time Groups (so it’s normally always false) but can be forced true by a single Call Flow toggle. Destination matches goes to the IVR; non-matches goes to the extension. Then, when you turn on the Call Flow Control, all the VDNs will route to the IVR.

I like this as well; if gives you a lot of flexibility in that you can specify a master switch to turn them all on and off, or you can manage individual IVRs through the underlying manual override “star code”.

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