It is possible to customize the code for Blind Transfer from ##?

it is possible to customize the code for Blind Transfer from ## to * or other ???
and if yes how and what file should be edited ?

and by the way in a analog extension how do I activate on hold to play music on hold ?

thanks so much wiseoldowl

  1. is done However I need to uncheck in left side of enable in order to change the code.

2)it is a linksys pap2 and with flash it works as you told me

I have a couple of new questions

1b it seems that the blind transfer works fine with internal extensions.
but when a external call is made blind transfer it is not reconized the code. but between internal extensions yes do you have any idea what is going on ?

so if one external incoming call arrives it accept the transfer code but when i dial out with gsm gateway. two dialing stages 33383336p90381278451
being p the pause for two stage dialing. when the external outtbound call is made and want to transfer the call to park slot it does not recognize de code blind transfer

2b how can I make a script or something to automatize the blind transfer each 4.5 minutes automatic ???
that way I can save dialing codes each 4.5 minutes
the timing script is because one of my extensions is a gsm gateway. and my gsm card allow first 5 minutes to be free. so if I hang up each 4.5 minutes the call goes and goes for free

any info that drive me in the right direction would be so much appreciated thanks

  1. Feature Code Admin | Core | In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer

  2. Depends on how the extension is connected to the system. For example, if it’s connected to a Sipura or Linksys VoIP adapter, you can flash once (getting the second dial tone), then hang up without dialing anything. Depending on how the adapter is configured, the phone may or may not give you short reminder rings until you pick it up again, but either way the caller will hear the MOH. With some other adapters you may not be able to hang up, though if the phone has a “hold” button you may be able to flash first, then press hold, then hang up (when retrieving the call you’ll have to flash again after taking the call off hold). Don’t know if this trick works with all adapters), nor with a phone connected to an internal card.

This is a ‘norm’.
How many times have you called an automated line and were asked to hit # (default on Aastra phones)?
In any event, you just need to set the system to allow for this
Look under FreePBX - General Settings. Look at Dialing Options. I believe it requires a ‘T’ or ‘t’ setting depending on incoming or outgoing - can’t recall right now.

Hope this helps!

I had already have t i will test with T