iSymphonyServerV3, unrecognized service

I suspect this will be a simple answer. I have a fully updated FreePBX distro, been in use for a few years. I had stopped iSymphony since we didn’t use it and it caused higher CPU usage. Now I’m looking to start it back up for some testing. The information I’ve read says that on new systems, that have V3 installed through module admin and show V3 at the login page, you would run;

service iSymphonyServerV3 start && chkconfig iSymphonyServerV3 on

However iSymphonyServerV3 is unrecognized on my server. iSymphonyServer is recognized and stopped.

Did iSymphonyServerV3 get changes to just iSymphonyServer in the latest releases or something?


Nevermind. Looks like ServerV3 was never installed. I think this was because my server was updates from versions before V3 was released. The V3 module was installed through FreePBX, but I had to manually install the server component through rpm. Once I did that it worked.