iSymphonyServer - how to get rid of

I found my pbx sluggish due to logs of iSymphonyServer’s running - even though iSymphony was disabled in modules setup. So I uninstalled iSymphony (the the module manager) and rebooted.

To my surprise iSymphony is still there (in /opt), and even worse is still running. Is this a freepbx bug? Can I just delete the /opt/isymphony directory?

Anyone know what is starting isymphony?

I’m going to try to remove it from startup with chkconfig…but it feels like I’m working around FreePBX here. Is this the right way to do it?

Again you confuse FreepPBX with the so called ‘FreePBX distribution’, iSymphony is not part of FrePBX so, again, the wrong forum.

Forum’s administrator would move this thread into the right Forum’s section (FreePBX Distro), nevertheless, IMHO it’s an interesting question pertaining the way a FreePBX Distro administrator could manage its (desired/undesired) services.

You need to read the iSymphony manual. It’s third party code.

You disabled the FreePBX module that let’s you manage iSymphony from within the FreePBX framework. To install/remove the daemon you need to follow the instructions.

yum erase iSymphony

on distro 5.211.65-7
yum erase iSymphonyServer-fpbx