iSymphony voicemail and call recording play back problem

I have a problem with iSymphony to play back voicemail and call recordings.
They are listed in the board correctly but when I try to listen to any of them it keeps loading indefinitely.

iSymphony v3 (v3.1.3.159) installed on FreePBX 12.0.57.

using web interface

I appreciate if anyone had a clue what can solve that.

Best regards,

Try the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin->iSymphony V3 in FreePBX

  2. Under Voicemail Agent Settings and Recording Agent Settings, set the Resource Host to the IP or hostname of the PBX that is accessible by clients. This is usually the same as the host or IP you use to access the FreePBX web interface.

  3. Save and Apply Config

Hi mwolf9,

It worked like it should after the change.
the hostname wasn’t indeed accessible by everyone.
Replacing by the IP address did the trick.

Thanks a lot.


Theres another thing mwolf9.

On Recordings at board I see two entries for each recording, do you know what is happening?
another thing is that CALLER ID and DURATION fields are not showing any values.
Can you help with that?