Isymphony update broke desktop client

Hope someone can help me out.

We run isymphony Desktop client.
after update to iSymphony v3.5.9.8 the Desktop client shows the dreaded big red banner at the top.

The documentation recommends CTRL+F5, but does not help, crtl-r does not either

uninstall and reinstall desktop client still red banner,

I logged a support ticket with getIsymphony,

maybe someone here has solved the problem, let me know.

It’s probably somehow still caching.

Pinging @isymphony

Also, once you get it working, please share your feedback. I am very curious if it’s worth looking at it again.

Got it to work: mail form support, after upgrade isymphony is definitely more stable, still a bit laggy sometimes, but better.

The app stores it’s cache in these folders:
C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\iSymphony Desktop\Cache
/home/{user}/.config/iSymphony Desktop/Cache
/Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/iSymphony Desktop/Cache

By clearing the contents of these folders you will clear the cache.

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