Isymphony signed module

Recently updated to FreePBX 12, and most of my modules are refreshed and working great. Only issue is, I’m looking for a replacement for the isymphony 2.8 module, as its still unsigned and I have all these ugly warnings.

Having a hard time finding documentation for this one. isymphony 2.8 module doesn’t seem to be in any of the freepbx repositories, just v3.

I believe you can run the following from the CLI and get rid of the error:
amportal a ma refreshsignatures

I have indeed done that. The module does not exist in any of the freepbx repositories, it seems. Originally, I downloaded it from the isymphony site and manually added it, but I can’t find any links on there to anything but the V3 module.

Do you need that version of the module?

Yes; my client has a perpetual license for version 2.8, and while version 3.x is affordable, there was a significant monetary investment in the license for the older version and they’re happy with it. From what I understand, I can’t use the V3 module, as it works specifically with version 3.

I just upgraded my freepbx as well and this is the only module that is not signed after running the ‘amportal a ma refreshsignatures’ from the command shell, I am getting this error:

Checking isymphony…Signature Invalid
Could not find signed module on remote server!

All other modules report good. Any advise is appreciated.


and upload it through module admin.

Sorry for the late reply; Thanks Andrew! Worked like a charm.