iSymphony session expiration [SOLVED]

Hi ppl.

I have iSymphony v3 (v3.1.2.149) installed on FreePBX 12.0.57.
The problem occurs when someone is logged int to the iSymphony or Admin and session expires in about 3 minutes.

Users has to keep login ing to the system.
Where can I extend this session expiration period for iSymphony?
Thanks a lot.

I forgot to say,
I meant the web interface accessed by either

<freepbx url>:58080/client/client and
<freepbx url>:58080/administrator/admin

I had asked the same to i9 earlier. Response below:

  1. Make a backup of the following file


  1. Open the original for editing.

  2. Near the bottom of that file you will see the “session-timeout tag”. The value will be set to 1. Change it to 5.

  3. Save the file and restart the iSymphony server

service iSymphonyServerV3 restart

Just now got a notification that 3.1.3 came out addressing this issue.

jyates01, thanks a lot for the info.
I will update it. :smile:

It looks like it isn’t available for download just yet. :frowning:

Its still beta, but its on the downloads page.

Yeah, I’ve seen it :smile:
I installed and the session expiration problem is gone.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Good to know it worked.