Isymphony not showing follow me agents as presence

I currently using isymphony version 4.1.7 with freepbx. I have setup our call center where agents can use call follow me to attach their extension with the phone at the station. The extensions at the station are just a generic extension for whatever location its at. The users are signing into UCP and adding the phones extension to their findme/follow me tab. The problem I am noticing is, I cannot see the presence of the follow me agents (if the phone is ring or if they are on the phone) inside of isymphony, agents in the queue widget, but I can see the presence of someone not using call follow me and using their phone to receive calls. I have confirmed that the calls are going through to them though.

iSymphony determines which extension are bound to a given user based on the Additional Extensions section in Admin->User Management, in FreePBX. See

The My Stream and Users Widgets will only display the Users and status for the extensions that are bound to the users, while the Queue Widget only concerns itself with extension status (does not display users). Modifications to a user’s Find Me Follow Me settings, in FreePBX, will not modify these relationships.

If you would like, you can make a feature request for this at