iSymphony: invalid username and password

I’ve got a trial key for isymphony but I can’t get the client to connect.

Which user details exactly are we meant to use to connect isymphony client to freepbx? We all have log ons, and we are all admins (i know, i know) but none of them work.

I’ve also tried the isymphony admin details in Admin > iSymphony

Also, one other question, though this isn’t really for this forum. When the trial key for iSymphony expires do it stop working completely or do we get a cut down free version?


Here is a link to the iSymphony documentation, they have an Adminstration Guide, and User Guide you can review.

When you say you can’t get the client to connect, are you talking about the adminstrator settings, or the standard iSymphony client is not connecting to the server?