iSymphony Integration

This post is a call for interest for the tighter integration of FreePBX and iSymphony. I’m want to get everyone’s opinion about this topic. Do you think there’s a need to streamline the configuration between iSymphony and FreePBX? What would you like to see in this integration? Any other comments are always appreciated.

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I think the work you are doing with the module is a good start. I have a post on your forum to try and get it working…

The idea that extensions and such get added are cool. I wonder about a jabber server install and having that tied into the same FreePBX module?

I had such a hard time with getting a jabber server installed, that I put off the testing of the iSymphony on our system. We’re just going to use the flash pannel to start with.

Please understand that my knowledge of CentOS is limited, and my fear of making the system unstable outways the desire for a very very cool GUI. I would love to get iSymphony on it, but the risk is too much…(Perceived risk of screwing up the pbx installation.)



I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been having. Please keep in mind that the Jabber integration with iSymphony is optional. iSymphony doesn’t need a Jabber server in order to function. Connecting to a Jabber server will only add the chat integration in the client.

In order to get iSymphony running you only need to execute a Java JAR file and add one line in the extensions.xml file which can then be reloaded without bringing Asterisk down. Other than that iSymphony only reads information provided by Asterisk and isn’t intrusive to your installation.

Please let us know how we can assist.

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And as far as I can see, I didn’t mess anything up with the installation. I had a few issues, but i9 was very helpful and I am good. It is not that difficult to add openfire for jabber connectivity.

I’ll try to write up a guide. Also, if you look for my posts on the iSymphony forums… you’ll see solutions to the issues I’ve had.

Hey Sean,

It would be nice if it could auto-download/install the server on centos platofrms if they meet dependency checks, and if its not too much- the option to add jabber in the fpbx module as well.