Isymphony install using yum install iSymphonyServer-fpbx

I am running freepbx distro version

I have found very little about installing iSymphony using yum install iSymphonyServer-fpbx.

I installed it and it is up and running, but I see reference to the fact that it no longer has a client and won’t work with the client that is on the iSymphony web site.

And it was also mentioned that it can be launched from the main web page of the pbx (which doesn’t work).

So after searching and searching and searching… I find nothing.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

I just built a new FreePBX server this morning and installed iSymphony.

  1. When I registered my copy of iSymphony to get the full trial version and 5 free licenses for clients I had to add a directory to get the license to install.

cd /opt/isymphony/server/
mkdir lic
chown asterisk:asterisk lic

  1. When I went to the operator panel page it redirected me to the download page at I downloaded the client. After it loaded it is not saying that the is an update available but it can’t find the update at as there is "no repository at “http://IP_ADDRESS:50003/client/”

I got help with #1 from support at iSymphony and am waiting for help with issue #2.

To mwolf9: It is trying to connect to “Panel”, which is where FOP2 would be. I yum removed FOP2 however.

To alan_mousty: I added the file as you suggested. It took the license info, however the client will not connect.

I uninstalled the client that I downloaded from I then went to the FreePBX main page on my server and clicked on the panel. This displays a page that allows you to start the iSymphony client. Click on that link and the client loads.

When I hover the cursor over the “Operator Panel” on the FreePBX page on my server I can see that it will go to “http://IP_ADDRESS/isymphony/”. When I click on the link it brings up a page that lets you load the client from your server.

What happens when you do the same?

The operator panel link goes no where. Hovering over it does nothing.

That version of iSymphony should be able to launch via the operator panel link on the main FreePBX landing page. Is there any error or other information when you click on that link?

What happens when you click on the operator panel link? Is the iSymphony FreePBX module showing installed and activated in the FreePBX module admin?

Got server working, and system now lets me fire up a client. But the client keeps telling me “Connection Failed:Invalid username/password”

Using the ext# as user name and ‘secret’ as the password in the profile settings of the client.

Check the credentials for the the profile in the /opt/isymphony/server/config/extensions.xml file. They should be set to the values that are mentioned. Also have you run a FreePBX reload with the iSymphony server running?