iSymphony extension to user mapping based on user management panel

I realize this is not specifically a Freepbx issue, but I believe the issue is related to the freepbx and isymphony integration.

We are working on setting up iSymphony in our Freepbx 12 (build based on asterisk 11.14.2 deployment. We have created our users in the User Management module. We have our Linked Extension selected and we have made sure that all users have Add to iSymphony selected on creation. We have also made sure that in the Admin -> isymphonyv3 admin module we have the Sync With User Managment option selected.

The issue is that only about 30 of our 150 users have been synced over to the iSymphony panel. Only about 3 of them show up in users. Looking at the isymphony administrator section it’s obvious that the issues is users are not created or not mapped to an extension inside the isymphony setup. It appears that the users that were created a few days ago are the only ones showing up today. None of the remaining users have synced over after about 3 hours of being added to the user management in freepbx. I have restarted isymphony server and reloaded asterisk. Any other ideas what could get this sync to work properly. I can find no mention of this issue anywhere that I have searched. .

If it’s 30 users, is it possible that you hit the user limit of your license? I don’t use iSymphony but that’s my first inclination.

The unlicensed count is only 5 users. We did license it.

The solution was to uninstall the iSymphony module from module admin and reinstall it . According to iSymphony, this was due to the fact that we had edited our users using the Bulk_extensions module. We didn’t have to reconfigure iSymphony after re-install at all. So it was a very simple fix.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the update Scott, glad it worked out! Sorry I couldn’t have been more help :frowning: