iSymphony and Call Recordings

iSymphony build 59

I just activated iSymphony and everything seams to be working but when i view call recordings it’s empty. The settings is showing that it’s looking in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

I browsed the directory and then saw 2017, then 02, then 01 (etc etc) and saw the wav files in there. I can play them back from the FreePBX GUI. I just can’t seam to get them to show up and play with iSymphony.

I’m still learning iSymphony but is there something else that needs to be done to get recordings to list properly?

It’s sad when you finally find a post that has the same problem you are experiencing… and there is no reply from anyone… sooo empty…

Hey John if you are still in the land of the living… could you share if you got it to work? I’m having the same problem

Hi Arturo, Sadly I don’t actually remember if we got that work or not. I know our customer service managers liked using the FreePBX gui instead so I’m not sure if it ever actually worked or not. Our call center has since moved off-site so I don’t even have a way to go back and test anymore. I might setup a test vm and check inside of there just for the sake of it though. I’ll let you know what I turn up.

Thanks a lot for responding. By the way, if you used Freepbx GUI did you use a commercial module and the User Control Panel? According to a post I found, iSymphony is not compatible with asterisk 13…

Check the DNS servers. Your first DNS server should be .