Issues with XMPP

I’m having issues with Prosody/XMPP. Current FreePBX version 10.13.66-15 with Asterisk 13.9.1. We are using Bria 4 as an end client. The issue is the lack of consistency; We can get accounts to authenticate and even send messaging both directions from multiple accounts. We have around 300 users that could be using the system at any given point. When all users are using the system the prosody “freaks out”. When I do an htop I see the Prosody service is at 100% on one of our 32 cores. I am not sure how to test anything further as I am not that freepbx educated.

When I look at the SQL table for prosody I see some weird entries that I am not sure should be there.
Most entries are similar to: 7920 roster [email protected] json {“subscription”:“both”,“name”:"",“groups”:{“user”:true},“persist”:false}
Some have a name: 71127 roster [email protected] json {“name”:“Stephanie Wegman”,“groups”:{“user”:true},“subscription”:“both”}
The ones I am concerned about are: 71127 roster json {"__hash":[false,{“version”:true}]}
and 71500 roster pending json {}

There are also multiple entries of all users in the file from 20 to 40 of each. I am not sure if this is normal or if it also a symptom of my issue. I know there are ways to view and test connections with XMPP to prosody but an not aware of the method and have had little luck finding any usable resources. Any help would be appreciated.

We would like the user name to display in the client under the group instead of their extension. We have attempted to modify the code used to write to the prosody group file, without much luck with a join in the SQL.

Just wanted to give this post a bump to see if anyone had any thoughts on our issue.