Issues with User Manger Welcom Email

I have a brand new install of FreePBX 13, all packages up to date. I am not using any pro modules for this install.

Everything is working great except I want the welcome email to use the clean (ie no ports) URL for iSymphony and the UCP.

Currently it looks like this:

Hi User,

Congratulations! Your CompanyName Phone System account has been created! You can now use the credentials below:</p>

	Username: username
	Password: Obfuscated. To reset use the reset link in this email

To login to the following services:

	iSymphony Login:
	User Control Panel:

Password Reset Link (Valid Until: 09:18:50 PM):

The IT Department

I want the domains listed to look like this

	iSymphony Login:
	User Control Panel:

Some part of the system knows these addresses, because when I go here, it uses them.

I get that it is just using a relative URL. I just want the email to use this also.