Issues with Setting Up Direct Media in FreePBX

Hello FreePBX Community,

I am currently attempting to configure direct media between two devices in FreePBX so that the voice traffic is routed directly between the devices, bypassing the server. Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Set Direct Media to Yes in the extension settings.
  2. Ensured that call recording is disabled.
  3. Tried both SRTP (Secure RTP) and plain RTP (without encryption).
  4. Using Linphone as the client, with the latest release (version 5.2).
  5. Tried using the canreinvite option, but it didn’t work.
  6. Made sure that NAT is disabled.
  7. Set DTMF to SIP INFO messages (application/dtmf-relay).

Despite these configurations, the voice traffic still routes through the server. Has anyone successfully set up direct media in FreePBX with Linphone and can offer guidance on what might be missing or misconfigured in my setup?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or suggestions you can provide!

Best regards,

Convert to chan_pjsip. Chan_sip is dead as Zed.