Issues with Sangoma Connect

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This release is very buggy and should not be ran on a production system. There is a major issue where a connected Sangoma Connect mobile client will trigger a forced Asterisk restart if it changes networks and registers again. It is reproducible just by turning off the WiFi on a mobile phone. The next major issue is that Jitter is very high when using Sangoma Connect versus Zulu which causes a lot of static or voice issues. The last issue when testing is that signaling is not reaching the phones. If an internal extension hangs up, the mobile client will stay connected forever. The mobile client will also not ring on incoming calls. We are having to stay with Zulu or some other softphone solution for now because of these issues but once Sangoma Connect is more stable and working then we will probably switch over.

This is obviously a SIP NAT/firewall issue, which needs to be solved, but is not indicative of a buggy product.

The asterisk restart is more interesting; you should provide some logs of this.

Are there new requirements for Sangoma Connect? The server has been running in the cloud just fine with Zulu and EPM phones with no SIP NAT / Firewall issues. If there are new requirements where might I be able to find the ports or IP addresses that need to be allowed. Also, why can calls made from the mobile client work just fine with no issue but only inbound doesn’t work? Audio works both ways when outbound and there is no timeouts either.

I’ll see if I can find the logs where asterisk restarted. It happened three times in a row and was triggered by a network change which triggered a re-register of the client.

Unless you’re seeing something new, this is not a Sangoma Connect issue, it’s an Asterisk DPMA issue. Upgrade asterisk16 to current and restart, ensure you’re running dpma ver. 3.5.5

uc-51459655*CLI> digium_phones show  version
Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 16.0_3.5.5

If the issue persists, please open a support ticket so we can get you sorted.

pbx*CLI> digium_phones show version
Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 16.0_3.5.3

Everything you need is in multiple pages in the wiki:

Sangoma Connect is not Zulu, and with the exception of the RTP port range, there is zero config overlap between the two clients.

Do you have an upgrade available? What is the output of:

yum list asterisk16-res_digium_phone

Yes, there was a minor update available. I installed it but I’ll have to test Sangoma Connect after work hours. I appreciate the help so far.

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