Issues with outgoing/ingoing calls to DECT Phones

Hey we have a Gigaset N720 DM PRO connected to a FreePBX version

Internal call works fine but there is no sound on outgoing calls from the DECT Phones.

Stationary IP phones works fine for for both internal calls and outgoing calls. Only an issue with the DECT phones.

It has been running fine and no changes has been made. We have an idea that the issue started after a security update on the FreePBX server.

Any ideas will be appreciated

Does the console show any diagnostic messages? You could also generate a SIP trace of an outgoing call.

As far as FreePBX/Asterisk is concerned it’s all the same SIP stuff unless your DECT phones have a different configuration. If something basic has changed it is not clear to me, why only DECT phone on outgoing lines are affected.

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