Issues with logs and disk space


I often found the “/” 100% full and the impossibility to get calls in due to this. Apparently it was caused by the logs who take to much space. The boot drive of the VM who host has 25 GB which is fine because even if I get it top 50 GB or even 1TB it will end by being full. The fail2ban logs seem to take a lot of space but I prefer to keep fail2ban running for security. I try to get the logs to rotate in the WebGUI but Its seem to accumulate instead to rotating.

What to do with that?


Are you using the distro? Or something else? I’ve never had the log rotation fail on a distro install.
/etc/logrotate.conf should look like this by default.

I’ve no idea where/how it is called daily. never looked since it runs consistently.


Yes I’m using the FreePBX distros.

My /etc/log/rotate.conf look like this:

And this is the FreePBX “Log File Settings” and the “General Settings” Tab.

I appreciate your help!

Any idea? please?

the “drop” directory /etc/logrotate.d/ also contains pertinent rotation rules.

If you don’t have one that rotates the fail2ban logs then that is likely your problem, but you should investigate those log files before you rotate them, they will likely expose your real problem.

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