Issues with latest version of OSS EPM

Greetings, I have several systems using the OSS EPM module. It looks like the latest version is either having issues with my system setups or there is just an issue with it in general. Going into Package manager you are confronted with Spanish and if you click Check for Update you get the attached. Now that is on a system that has been upgraded all the way to the latest version but never had any OSS items configured.

On a system that has previously run/setup OSS EPM, going into Package Manager and checking for update seems to work fine you just get the wrong language.

I noticed that on an system that OSS EPM was not on before the location in the error is not there (/var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint). So I assume something is not generating that section where normally it would.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Maybe it’s time.

Time to give OSS EPM the old yeller treatment?

I think so - I don’t know if there’s any single person out there that can manage it and make is pertinent in all of the areas it’s trying to hit.

It’s like Coal Mining jobs. It was once the backbone of many people’s commercial enterprises, but now it’s an anachronism. It’s just too big for an uncoordinated team to handle. The Commercial EPM doesn’t have the broad support for many “fringe” devices (my PY-90s for example) but it works, and when it doesn’t I know there’s a guy feeding his family on the proceeds of making it work.

There’s nothing that says that, over time, we might not be able to prevail on the Sangoma folks to let us help them out a little on the CEPM. I just think the OSSEPM needs to drop into the “not so much” basket and fall off of FreePBX’s radar.

I appreciate your candor.

I have been using it for a few years now on several systems. It’s limited but for the most part it has worked (so long as you stay on the well trodden path). I would not mind purchasing the commercial EPM (and looks like I will have to) but I do find $75 for such a small module fairly steep. I think $25 is more inline with where it should be but that is just all my opinion.

Thanks again for your wisdom I appreciate it.


There is apparently a lot of money being put in it, see

But even before knowing this this was my opinion on the subject

Good luck and have a nice day!


I cannot say I disagree with any of that and that does put it into perspective. Thanks.

To amplify.

I charge by the hour to manage my customer’s phone systems. They get charged more, per hour, than I pay for EPM. I recently spent 15 hours upgrading their system a good chunk of which was “unsetting” all of their phones from the static setups that had been in place (to support OSS EPM). I installed CEPM at my cost and “upgraded” all of the phones in the enterprise in a little over 20 minutes.

Last week, the customer called and wanted to add a button to one of the phones. I ran him through how to do it for ALL of his phones at the same time, since was what he really wanted to do, but didn’t want to pay me for four hours of my time. I talked him through the setting, had him rebuild his configs, and boom - he was done.

Now, I could have probably done the same thing in OSS EPM, but I’m not convinced it is even working any more. It was great when we were all working on it together, but with the advent of the commercial module, it’s just not cost effective for me any more. I can give the customer 48 minutes or I can devote hours and hours and hours to development of OSS EPM (and still not have it working) for the same investment. It’s good business for me.

So OSS EPM like many open source projects is basically maintained by contributions of necessity. A gentleman who uses it extensively when through and spent maybe 20+ hours making it work for 13 and making it do what he needed for his use case. He felt it was worth his time to do the work and contribute it back. Even if he valued his time at minimum wage ($10 in Arizona) that is over $200. It is unlikely he works that cheap but if he did it would still be more than $75. I have put hundreds of hours in to open source projects without pay because to me it made sense. I use “free” products every day that represent thousands of hours so I see giving back as a good investment. You may wish to pay a developer to impliment what you want and contribute it back.