Issues with Elastix Conversion tool

Upgraded the embedded FreePBX from 2.8 to 2.9 and successfully ran the conversion process.

But trying to go live with that system I was missing IVR. I recreated those.
Voicemail was disabled on all extensions. I enabled that and setup user email again.

But I am now stuck because I cannot setup parking.

Parking was disabled on the Elastix system because I had custom parking stuff setup due to 2.8 limitations.

My custom config did not come through, and that is fine, because I do not need it anymore as 13 now has direct parking as a default feature code.
My problem is that I am unable to create a parking lot. The new system shows the parking page empty. I populated it with what I wanted, and hit submit and nothing. I populated it matching a default install and nothing. I am completely unable to create the default parking lot.

Uninstalled the Parking and reinstalled. I was able to set the default parking lot up, but parking was still not working.

I ended up have to load the asterisk module for some reason.

module load

I also noticed that my page groups did not come across. Have to manually recreate those too.