Issues with calls on Hold

  • Using Sangoma 7 (distro)
  • Asterisk 13.17.0
  • FreePBX

Google Voice gateway (simons)

I recently did a setup and it’s been working fine so far. The only thing I’ve noticed and it’s bugging me is that when you call out and that number puts you on hold, the call drops; but when you are called from an external phone (reverse scenario) and the phone number then puts you on hold, the call doesn’t drop. It looks like it’s only happening only when the call is originated from the PBX.

I’ve looked into the different RTPs (thinking it might be there) but no luck.

Any ideas?

Sounds like a trunk issue to me not PBX.

What should I check?

Google Voice is dead. It died June 26th 2017. They are no longer allowing outside third party sources access the XMPP connectors. Google Voice will continue to work within Google’s eccosystem (Hangouts, one-to-one stuff).

I would find a real SIP trunk provider and not have to deal with something that is shutting down and the few open XMPP connectors still out there being taken down.