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Hi all, regarding the recent decision to move the current Jira issue tracker towards GitHub, I was wondering what is the plan for open and past issues/pull requests. I think I had one open but I have no way to see that now. Will everything be moved to GitHub seamlessly?


I can speak from an Asterisk perspective of what we actually did.

We looked at whether it was reasonable to copy issues from Jira over to GitHub and decided against it. You can’t impersonate users, so all issues would have been under our own user account with no notice/updates to the user on GitHub unless they took initiative and became involved in some way. It also would have required us to retriage everything to ensure it was in the new proper state, unless we built one time scripting to do triaging as well. We opted to just clean slate and if there was anything we felt was truly important we manually did.

For pull requests we didn’t copy because our previous contributor license agreement was invalidated - so submissions needed to be redone under the new CLA and under their GitHub user account.

My recommendation to FreePBX was to approach it the same way. That being said we did develop archiving scripting to generate a static site of Jira issues (including attachments) so that seeing past history is possible without running a Jira instance, and also indexable. You can see an example of it here[1]. I’ll be urging FreePBX to do the same as history like that is important for many reasons.

As a company I’ve developed standards for how we do open source using GitHub (CLA, permissions, workflow), but when it comes to the one-off Atlassian to GitHub move itself that’s a bit more up to the project with Asterisk having done things our way, thus I give recommendations.

[1] ASTERISK-21399: RTP Multicast of L16 (type 10): Asterisk and wireshark disagree

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I agree with the archive then, waiting for a response from the freepbx team too.
Also the current should redirect to GitHub or show a message at least, I had to manually find out why it wasn’t working myself

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