Issues hearing outside the network

Hi All, I have just recently set up a freepbx server. it is the latest version and i am having issues with it. at the moment i have two devices hooked up to it. i have a soft phone on my iphone and a physical handset a cisco 7912. I have configured two extensions one is 100 the other is 101. these seem to work on their own can call each other no problems and hear fine when connected to the local network.

I have set up in my ubiquity usg port forwarding 5060 and 5160 and ports 10000 through 20000.
when i connect either device outside the network there are strange audio issues where the external device can hear the internal device but the internal device cant hear the external device.

I have tried to find where the nat settings for extensions are but that option seems to be missing on my installation.

What could this issue be?

Go to Settings, then Asterisk SIP settings. Make sure all settings checks out.

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