Issues connecting to trunk

Hi all,

I am trying to put my SIP Trunk into FreePBX.
I have a Username, Domain, proxy, Password and Authorization name

I can find the username, domain, proxy and password but I cannot find the Authorization name field to enter the details required to register with the provider.


These two fields are non-intuitive when setting up a SIP trunk.

The username name is the name that the “type=USER” entries use. The “authorization” name is the name that you actually use to “log in” to the SIP provider when connecting in the details of the USER section of the configuration.

There are several variations on “username” in the USER section of the SIP Configuration, so you may need to try a few combinations to get the mapping of our entries with what your provider is expecting.

One last wrinkle - these entries are usually associated with providers that are expecting you to connect a phone to their system. Some providers specifically block Asterisk servers from connecting to “single-user” accounts. Check with your provider to find out if they support Asterisk PBX servers on their service.

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