Issue with latest version of FreePBX (Reports ==> Asterisk Info) - Channels

Good Morning Colleagues
I hope you are doing good and safe . I have recently installed the latest version of FreePBX (SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2302-1) .

After logging to GUI , I go to Reports ==> Asterisk Info . Usually in the previous versions of FreePBX , under channels, You can find information related to the configured extensions / Trunks found in this section .

In this new version , Nothing found . What i find is the attached under channels section.

How can i restore the information that usually found in the previous version of FreePBX related to the configured extensions / Trunks found in this section?

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Settings → Advanced Settings → Enable the Asterisk REST Interface → Yes

Good Afternoon PitzKey
I have followed the steps then reboot FreePBX but i found the below message under Channels section so kindly advice.

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I believe this is due to an update related to the security vulnerability in this post:

I had to go into Settings → Advanced Settings and reset my ARI credentials using the buttons in the screenshot below.

This ended up removing the error message you’re seeing.

Hi lhwhistler
Thx for your post . I can’t find ARI Username & ARI Password buttons in Advanced settings but i follow the below post to reset ARI username & password and it is worked now !

Thx colleagues for your help

Best Regards

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