Issue with incoming calls

Hello everyone

I have an trunk setup with and using Freepbx gui, trunk status indicates that the trunk is up and able to register with the provider.

I have setup incoming/outbound call routes, I’m able to make outbound calls.
I have also created an inbound route any DID /CID forwarded to single extension

the only issue I have been battling with is incoming calls , I have a DID setup with, and every time I dial the number, I hear silence for 2 -3 seconds and then I get “call ended” on my cell phone.

I have the following ports forwarded to my pbx 5060 5038 10001-20000

I can’t see any incoming calls in the logs, and It doesn’t even rings all my extension

how can I determine if this is an issue with my pbx? or an issue with the provider?

your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you

Make sure that your trunk is configured properly per’s instructions.

Go to General Settings, and enable Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls.

Make sure you have indicated in the VOIP.MS set-up that you are using a PBX and not an ATA.

Check CDR logs and see if the call is being delivered or not.

Open a ticket with

This is not normal behavior.