Issue with EPM moving to v14

How do I enable EPM on v2.11 after moving the deployment ID?
All zend resets have been exhausted on both v2.11 and v14 during this upgrade process.
Been on this issue for a day or two now and can’t find a resolution anywhere in the forum that might help.

Upgraded from v2.11 to v12 and found EPM would load all configs, templates, extension mapping ect but was not displaying correctly. Then made the move to v14 using the migration script but appears no EPM settings at all transfered to the new version. Tried copying the enpoint folder from v12 to the new deployment but that failed to work as well.

At this point in time I may need to move back to v2.11 as at least we can manage the extensions.
Then maybe manually make the changes between the old and new EPM if everything else continues to fail.
At the moment I’ve got nothing to reference back to as EPM is disabled making the job even harder.

Would like to here if anyone has had similiar issues moving to v14

Best bet would be to reach out to support regarding activation.

As for migrating to 14 are you using the distro upgrade rpm or did you use the home2freepbx conversion script?

Hi GameGamer43,

I was thinking about contacting support but was hoping to resolve the issue without activating the old deployment. One advanatge is I still have all three running deployments v2.11, v12 and v14 as VM’s.

I used the following script below to migrate the settings from v12 after an upgrade from a non distro v2.11 to v14. The EPM settings were still intact in v12 but didn’t quite display correctly. The templates worked ok and all global settings, extension mapping was there in v12. It just doesn’t appear to have migrated to v14.
All other commercial modules and settings migrated fine.

Thanks for the advice Bryan, I’m at a stage of taking up the suggestion that you offered on reaching out to support, Lorne also suggested the same. No matter how hard I try this is just taking too much time. Time would now be better spent rebuilding what I had. I will request a zend reset on both PBX’s and manually create the templates and base files again. Probably a great time for a refresher on base file editing as I’m not winning with php. :slight_smile:

Thanks again all.

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